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Some people in places where poly marriages are illegal and unions aggressively persecuted may also wear black wedding rings on the right or left ring fingers.The struggle is still on for many consenting adults to be able to live together in peace.The open ring was a thing for some, but others felt that this implied that their marriage or relationship was broken.

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…but wait, there is one more meaning in there that is a few decades old, but still very relevant.

A black bridal set or black ring on the right ring finger may mean that they are Gay/Lesbian/Trans and spiritually married, but living in a place where their marriage cannot be legally recognized or stating support for marriage freedom.

In times past, black rings were a symbol of mourning, in the west.

The victorian era saw a lot of mourning jewelry, partly because people were dying young in droves, and partly because this comfort with death became fashionable.

As you’ll see later in the materials section of this article, many protective minerals and metals happen to be black.

As of 2016, a black ring on the right middle finger means that someone is asexual or extreme celibate, or at least not open to sexual approaches at the moment.In the east however, black jewelry, rings included were, and still often are, worn for protection.So the most likely reason someone is wearing a black ring is because of this.Any reddish stone should tell the boring to beware, as even red glass has certain well known mystical properties that basically say that if you cross that person, you are fucked in the bad way.Even a carnelian (orange-ish) agate on a black ring means that person knows how to curse you in a way that you can never get rid of it…especially if that curse is carved on the stone of the ring they wore on the day you first had sex.This makes sense, as the middle finger is the “diddle” finger for most people, and wearing a ring on it could mean they are not using and therefore free to ornament that part of themselves, or so in love with their middle finger that they are monogamous to it.