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Once you restart your computer (if you had to restart it), open i Tunes again.You'll have to review and accept the i Tunes Software License Agreement before the new version will launch.If i Tunes tells you that a more recent version of the application is available, download it.

When you have i Tunes open, connect your i Phone to your computer using its USB cable.

(You may see your computer automatically installing the necessary drivers; if so, let this run.)Once all the necessary drivers are installed, i Tunes will recognize your i Phone.

HP Envy desktop 750-520Technician's Assistant: How long has this been going on with your Envy Desktop? It began download and install of 2018-03 version 1709 x64Technician's Assistant: Which software or app can I help with? Selected Windows Update's "Restart" icon 2x, with same error code both times (0x8024a11a)Hi, my name is ***** ***** welcome to Just Answer.

I'll be the one to assist you with your question regarding your issue I have a feeling you have clicked on a popup that was not by intel which is a scam and it sounds to me like you have just mistakenly let a virus into your computer.....

Apple delivers its i Phone software updates through i Tunes, so the first thing you should do is make sure you have the most recent version of i Tunes running on your computer.

To update i Tunes, go to the "Help" menu, and select "Check for updates."If i Tunes says you have the most recent version, you're all set to move on to Step Two.Just had series of Update Restart failures: error code (0x8024a11a) on 2018-03 collected Windows 10 vers 1709 x64-bases systems (KB4089848)Technician's Assistant: What device or product does this involve? Initial msg was that it was an Intel update, and needed a separate task to restart.HP PC (desktop), windows 10Technician's Assistant: What HP model do you have? Status window indicated up to date, but pressed check for updates. Technician's Assistant: What have you tried so far with your software?Note: Apple's updater is likely to suggest additional software that you can download (such as the Safari browser); none of this is necessary.You can download it if you like, but you don't need it to update i Tunes.Once you've accepted the license agreement, i Tunes will begin downloading the new i OS update.