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I know that there is a newer driver, but it requires at least version 1.0.65 of vulkan-loader, which, at the moment, is not available in Portage.

- The steps below assume you are making a new installation.

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For simplicity, we will cover the *destop-full* variant.For other variants, update the filenames and rosinstall_generator arguments appropriately.This is a known problem due to libtool getting confused during the link stage, and it happens in exactly the same way for users of the proprietary n Vidia driver.Typically the error will occur while compiling mesa or cairo, but it may happen when building other packages as well.Therefore it is necessary to build the core ROS packages first (catkin packages) and then the rest.

To update your workspace, first move your existing rosinstall file so that it doesn't get overwritten, and generate an updated version.

First navigate to the ISO Management page and upload your ISO from remote.

Almost any medium is fine for installing Gentoo, and we'll use the official minimal CD.

Needless to say, you need to be root for all these steps.

Before the actual steps, a few notes: - This guide is for driver version 61.

For such cases, make sure you activate the "hybrid" USE flag and take care of the necessary changes, explained below.