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Unpredictable for the unstable love affair of Lacey Schwimmer Lacey Schwimmer was born on June 28, 1988 in Redlands, Californnia, US and has reached the age of 29.

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She is the daughter of the noted dancer Buddy Schwimmer. Will her boyfriend be able to hold her till they marry?

The dancing star also participated in the seventh, eighth, ninth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth seasons of the “Dancing with the Stars” as a professional dancer.

Her long run choreographer and dancer boyfriend gathered enough courage. Caption: Dynamic dancer Lacey Schwimmer stuns the audience with her paces.

Let’s hope she is even better with her boyfriend and husband.

Then comes her recent relationship with the musician boyfriend, Frankie Moreno.

Moreno meets the boyfriend qualifications for Lacey: He is a musician.

As of 2017, Lacey Schwimmer net worth is US$ 1.5 M and it is very likely to grow in the years to come.

Lacey Schwimmer is enjoying her relationship with her boyfriend, Frankie Moreno but will the pair go all the way together and marry each other.

Let’s see how the musician boyfriend Frankie Moreno satisfies her with the dance numbers and evolves to become her husband!

Caption: Will this togetherness remain for the musical shows?

Lacey Schwimmer’s Instagram posts show she has a love of dogs and tattoos.