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(panting/calming down 10sec)I don't care if I'm here all night…I'm not gonna eat it! Yessss…(giggling)…I knew you'd see it my way…(pause 5sec)(whimpering)Daddy…w-what are you doing with your pants…I don't know what Daddy Milk is…y-your thing…Daddy what are you…no…(muffled sounds, closed mouth 10sec)I don't want to do this…Daddy no…its dirty…don't put it in my mouth…(muffled, struggling sounds)I'm not going to let you put it in my mouth!

IT'S DEMON FOOD…uggggggg…it's POISON…daddy no…no…no…NOOOOOOOOOO! (muffled sounds, closed mouth 10sec)I'M NOT GOING TO EAT IT, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

Since he's at work I think we should have a little fun…why don't you show me what you were going to do with my panties.[F4M] Little girl won't eat her broccoli [Ddlg] [Whimpering] [Wet Sounds] [Crying] [Begging] [Gagging] [Age] [Rape] [Throat Fucking] [Spanking] [English Accent]Wincest - Daughter Won't Eat Her Broccoli (incest, ageplay, rape, facefucking, violence, abuse, crying)[Tamer Edit]NO, I WON'T EAT MY BROCCOLI.

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I didn't want to have to use those pictures so early *laughs*. This is not from a paysite like, idk metart or some shit like that.62312this one is also made by her.[F4M] Fuck Me At A Concert [Public][British Accent]Blow Job][Girlfriend Experience][Face Fucking] [Exhibitionist][Concert][Fingering][Finger Fucking][Creampie][Cum Inside]You're at a concert with your girlfriend.

I like the idea of having someone watch me while I do all the dirty things that I do with you. Things escalate as I make you 'prove' that you aren't attracted to me, that you don't fantasize about me, jack off to me…I'll totally buy your ridiculous story that you don't find me attractive, but you need to prove it…62197you are not going to like this, but you can find more on reddit.https:// These girls make those audio clips themselves.

Looks like I need to pay you a personal visit to discuss this pressing matter.

How did you think you were going to get away with this without me knowing?

If he plays his cards right, he might not be a virgin when the sun rises over the desert next. What I mean to say is I think it's time for me to return the favour, and for me to do that you have to tell me what you like. You just sit there and let me tease you a bit…strip a little…dance a little. Would you not love to take a woman against her will?

Baby, I think it's time for you to tell me some of your kinky fantasies. I've always wanted to do that and you really took it like a champ. I know, I’m not one to be dirty, but…call it a Christmas miracle, okay?! hitting her in her face, making her realize just how much weaker she is than you? So this is what you do when I'm not home…[F4M]Car Trip with my Stupid Big Brother [age][incest][tsundere][groans][moans][public]Car Trip with my Stupid Big Brother!

I love the idea of sucking a big thick cock while you watch me. Be Careful What You Wish For[F4M] Be Careful What You Wish For [JOI][FDom][Games][Instructions][Edging][Denial][Post Orgasm Torture][Breath play][Ball slapping] [Countdown][Humiliation][script fill][Long][not so Sweetie][Evil]this one has 3 parts[F4M] As my best friend…Its your job! Dinner takes an interesting turn when it becomes apparent just how sexually open her family is.

I have the power to put your whole life in jeopardy. to me.[f4f] Tasting my BFF for the first time [friends to lovers] [sweet] [first girl-on-girl experience] [kissing] [body worship] [pussy licking] [making you cum by rubbing my breasts/nipples against your clit][F4M] Corrupting My Virgin Little Brother [incest][light FDom][SPH][wet sounds][blowjob][handjob]A big sister torments her virgin little brother for taking an abstinence pledge, then talks him into giving into her.[F4M] Caught in the Panty Drawer [JOI] [Panties] [Mutual Masturbation] [Countdown]Pretty sure this is every panty fetishist's dream - having an SO who's not only open-minded, but very much into your kink. ][Okay…Daddy][No age]It is in the job description…You gotta help. Robinson's Improper Offer [mother-in-law][dirty talk][cum][cheating][creampie][wet sounds][kissing][slurping][tongue play] [blackmail] [rape]Dinner at the Robinson's - your girlfriend's parent's. You've been taking things slow which has been frustrating to you, but you want her to feel comfortable…

Then Fuck Me in the Hallway [Lots of kisses] [Finger Me] [Blow job] [Choking] [I'm your drunk little slut] [Cum in Me] [Public Sex]We had a few too many in the hotel bar and you know how I get when I've been drinking. You're the only one awake busy working on your presentation to make sure nothing goes wrong….[F4M] Dear best friend, can you cum on my face, please? I always ask you about this kind of stuff, because my bf is just so… And I saw you the other day at my parents' pool party with your phone…[FFFF4M] Return of the King[an epic collab] [/u/Bad Girl UK, /u/cry–baby, /u/sassmastah77 and /u/Dirty Girls Secret give you the royal treatment] [4 sexy GWA ladies worship your cock] Qhq0b DFJalapeno Blowjob [Revenge][CBT][Your dick will cringe]You think I didn't know about that slut you were banging at work? Be warned, this isn't a happy ending audio.[F4M] To Ensure Your Loyalty A very loyal servant of mine at our rival company has made me aware of what you've been planning.

And honey I know this sweet, hot little sister of mine is impossible to resist. But the the pot keeps getting raised[FF4M] Lesbian Loses Her Sub Girlfriend in a Poker Game - Part 2 [Reluctance] [Cuckquean] [Virginity] [Oral] [Anal]After losing some pretty high stakes at her weekly poker party, and having just lost her virginity to a man, a slightly dominant woman ends up being dommed by her slightly "submissive" partner…(and loses her anal virginity as well).[F4M] I ruined your date, let me make up for it [rape][gentle Fdom][escaping the friendzone by force][handcuffs][teasing][bj][facesitting][69][riding][creampie][making you my good boy][special hangover treatment][accent][F4M] Loosing a Bet [blowjob][tomboy][sucking sounds][trash talk][bet][swallow][ball sucking][improv][to be continued? [tomboy][part 2][makeup][striptease][makeout][forced orgasm][fingering][embarrassed][laughter][fmoan][improv][F4M] You Lost the Room Key? Right here, Daddy.[F4M] Thank you for Choosing Air New Zealand [Flight attendant] [Mile High Club] [Business Trip] [Creampie] [Public] [Handjob] [Oral] [Seduction] [Whispers] [Immersion] [Stocking] [Garter Belt] [Uniform] [Help you] [Relax] [New Zealand / Kiwi Accent]You're on your business trip for an important presentation all the way in New Zealand. Anyway, there's something I wanted to ask you….[F4M] Fun With Your Phone [age][under 18][parents' friend][family friend][bikini][clothed sex][dirty perv][voyeur][film me][cum bucket][summer][pool party][seduction][cum on me][cum all over me][teenager][high school girls][wet sounds]Summer's really here!!!

Because we both know no matter how very wrong it is, there's a part of you that still thinks it's really hot.